I have done a lot of traveling and stayed at resorts, hotels, motels,
bed/breakfasts, campgrounds, etc. I have been to NY, FL, Bahamas, MX,
NC, SC, PA, VT and ME. The hospitality we received at Mountain View
Suites was the most exceptional so far. Our host Jim made sure we had
his cell number and to call him if we needed anything. We went up
there to go ATV riding (best in the country) and the first day it
rained so we drove around the area checking it out. We broke down and
called Jim to get a tow truck number and find the nearest garage. Jim
said where are you, I will come and get you, I have a car trailer. He
also brought us to his friend’s house who had all the tools we would
need to fix our vehicle. The hospitality is nothing like I have ever
seen before, absolutely incredible. I was worried about going out on
the ATV and being stranded that went away because of Jim, he was the
greatest host I have ever had. Best trip I have been on.